Ms. O has been teaching English to 8th graders in the Beaverton School District since the Dark Ages. Or was it 1987? Same thing in terms of music…
Megan Owens
Anyway, she began teaching at Highland Park where she also taught many other subjects along the way, including Reading, 7th grade LA and SS, Pre-Algebra (seriously!), P.E., Health, and U.S. History. After 12 years she left to join Stoller Middle School as it opened in 2000 where she spent two years as the school’s Reading Staff Development Specialist before settling in to her current role as Queen of Humanities.

After earning her Masters degree in Education in 1991, Ms. O began teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Portland State University (Thanks Dr. Tama!) where she teaches literacy strategies to practicing teachers as well as English Methods to pre-service teachers. She also teaches literacy strategies online through the Oregon University System’s READ Oregon program. Ms. O also spent several years working on her Doctoral degree before deciding that spending a year on a dissertation was not in the cards while she was still teaching. She remains AbD (All but Dissertation).

Ms. O has always participated in a variety of sports, but after an injury following the Portland Marathon in 1993 she took up cycling which has been her obsession passion ever since. She rides 100-200 miles a week year ’round, and takes amazing cycling vacations each summer (see pictures and videos of the latest) in order to recover from having spent nine months in the classroom with 13 year olds. Ms. O also enjoys participating in ridiculously difficult rides like The Death Ride and the Shasta Summit Century when she’s not riding in France confusing the locals with her own variation of their language.

After 7 years of putting up with the world’s worst cat, Ms. O got an adorable pug, Scout, named after the main character in her favorite novel, To Kill A Mockingbird (Harper Lee). Scout is now quite famous and makes $150 an hour for appearances.

When she’s not out on her bike, Ms. O likes to read (she is an English teacher after all), as well as play golf when it’s warm and sunny (which means she doesn’t play very much since she lives in Portland). She also likes to try to run occasionally and she likes to work out at the gym, though she’s finding it harder to beat the 8th grade boys at arm wrestling. But she still does.

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