Notes on Writing a Book Review

Note: Follow the directions on How to Write a Book Review and review the Book Review Scoring Guide.

LA 1, 2, 3, 4

Label each target. (Blue)

LA 1, 3, 4

Use the words “Because”, “For example”, “For instance”,  (Green)

“This is because”, “This means”, etc.

LA 1, 4

Don’t just say “This is a good book because it has a good ending.”  What was good about the ending? Give examples from the text with page numbers. Be specific. (Red)

LA 4

Don’t just make a statement; PROVE IT!

Don’t just say, “ I like the author’s word choice” or “The author created vivid images.” Give examples from the text with page numbers- that’s your proof. (see #2)  (Red)

LA 3

Explain WHY you chose each quote. Don’t just explain (Yellow) what happens in the quote, explain WHY it is important to the character or the story.

Of all the sentences in the book, why did you choose THIS sentence?

Does it have to be in quotation marks in the book? NO. YOU put it in quotation marks because they are the author’s words, not yours. You can choose ANY sentence in the book- not just dialogue.

LA 2

A summary should hit the main ideas and should not be much more than ½ to one page. Some of you need to write more, and some of you need to write less. A summary is different from a retelling. A retelling gives us as many details as possible. A summary gives us the main ideas.

LA 2

Your summary should include the following: Exposition (Red) (characters, setting, situation), Conflict (Yellow), Rising Action (Green), Climax (Blue), Falling Action (Orange), Denouement (Purple).