To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird Unit

Here are some resources for our To Kill A Mockingbird unit, including podcasts of Ms. O reading the chapters aloud.

TKAM Podcasts

Chapter 1 (The story begins.)
Chapter 2 (First day of school.)
Chapter 3 (Cooties)
Chapter 4 (Knot holes & hot steams)
Chapter 5 (A note on the window sill)
Chapter 6 (Jem loses his pants!)
Chapter 7 (Soap dolls)
Chapter 8 (Fire!)
Chapter 9 (Pass the damn ham, please.)
Chapter 10 (Mad dog comin’!)
Chapter 11 (Mrs. Dubose)
Chapter 12 (Calpurnia’s Church)
Chapter 14 (Dill runs away)
Chapter 15 (Atticus vs the mob)
Chapter 16 (The trial begins)
Chapter 17 (First day of testimony)
Chapter 18 (Mayella’s testimony)
Chapter 19 (Tom’s testimony)
Chapter 20 (Atticus’s closing statement)
Chapter 21 & 22 (The Verdict)
Chapter 23 (“Well it’s hair.” “Where?” “There.”)
Chapter 24 (“Hypocrites, Mrs. Perkins, plain hypocrites.”)
Chapter 29, 30, & 31 (“Hey, Boo.”)